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Axel's home page

Axel's professional life

I am an R&D manager for automotive electronics for Bosch.

In an earlier life was a researcher at the DFKI, working on tool support and methodologies for formal methods. The primary goal of my research work was to make formal axiomatic specification and deductive verification feasible in the context of evolutionary software development processes. My publications are available from my publications page. Slides for some of my talks are available on request; just send me an email.

There are some non-fiction books that I find outstanding for some reason and would like to recommend.

Axel's musical life

Sinfonisches Orchester Klangattacke Heilbronn, Blechbläserensemble Albstadt, Heilbronner Bläserensemble, Bosch Big Band.

Formerly: Blechbläserquintett Sandstrahl, Akademisches Orchester der Universität Stuttgart, Unibigband Stuttgart, Oxford University Philharmonia, Oxford University Jazz Orchestra

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